Introducing DCArtsBeat.com

DCArtsBeat.com doesn't owe favors to anyone. In that way, it is an eclectic, deliberately spare guide to fine arts events in the greater Washington, D.C. area. So also it is indulgently personal, built from the perspective of this one local arts junkie who saw the need for a niche: Other arts-minded blogs seem strangely fixed on mining "what's hot/what's not," or forgiving mediocrity under a haze of social conscientiousness (a.k.a. political correctness). And the major news outlets seem obliged to cover just about anything. So here, rejecting any such sense of obligation, you will find infrequent notice of contemporary arts in the classical tradition (even when they shriek from the avant-garde) - neither hard to spot, nor to hear, if shed of pretensions.  This blog is not nouveau riche and it is not trying to be classy.

You will also find a special emphasis on ticket deals. Because making art affordable = reaching the demographic who actually understand art most.  You will also find referrals to physical/virtual media that correspond with each event, because some of the best artistic epiphanies are at home.

And one more thing about this venture:  It is not the day job. Which can be a good thing (against the grain of full-time critics and their mounting crankiness). Comments on everything are welcome. And please send any tips to paul at dcartsbeat dot com, or call (202) 742-5871.

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