Reduced Shakespeare Company: Completely Hollywood (abridged)

From the East Coast, we say with some amount of pride that not a lot of greatness hails from the Left Coast in this realm of "fine" performing arts.  (It is no accident in this sense, yet was a painful episode for my other senses, that I left a beach house in Newport Beach for this swampland.)  All the same, anyone working in film and television knows that southern California is our capital city.  For a few weeks here in Washington, we are being treated to a fusion of the two that will make you laugh to death:  The RSC is in town, and not the one from across the Atlantic.  This one hails from my stomping grounds in Californi-way, and RSC brings back memories of seeing them when they were a smaller-time "pass-the-hat" troupe, including gigs at the University of California in San Diego that were always worth the drive south from Orange County.  The invention for which they are named has been always a comedic reduction of all the Bard's plays into about an hour-and-a-half.  Their latest mash-up is called Completely Hollywood (abridged) and it opens tonight at the Kennedy Center in its Terrace Theatre, playing through July 11.

Here is a "secret link" that will get you $29 best-available tickets (normally $39-49) for all the performances June 29 through July 4.  (You can also mention Promotion Code 51806 over the phone or at the ticket window.)  [Update:  For the June 23 performance only, click here or mention Promotion Code 52099 for $20 tickets.  Update 2:  For the June 24 performance only, click here or mention Promotion Code 52101 for $20 tickets.]

There only appears to be one DVD in print of any of their shows, which dates from 2003 (and it rather shows its age), but it is a nice way of supplementing your experience with the genesis of their comedy, the compete works of Shakespeare reduced.  You can also listen to RSC podcasts by going to their Web site here.  And finally, below you can watch the official trailer for Completely Hollywood (abridged).  Have a great time!